About Finding Organisation

Central Coast Professional Organising service, cutting through the mayhem of family life.

About Finding Organisation

Our professional organising service won’t just come and ‘fix’ your space; we will work with you to create a system that works with your family and your lifestyle. Based here on the NSW Central Coast.

We believe that there’s more than one way to be organised, and there’s more than one way to stay that way.

So, no matter if you love minimalism, clutter or something in-between – we can find a system that works for you.

How does it work?

1. We understand that letting someone into your home to go through your stuff can be confronting – so first we provide a free-of-charge video call consultation.

2. Next, we will come to your home and assess the situation – don’t stress, we have seen it all! This visit usually lasts 3-4 hours and a good chunk of the sorting, culling, measuring and planning happens at this point. We can repeat this stage as many times as necessary.

3. Now, it’s time to make your space beautiful! Containers, baskets, labels – whatever we have decided will come to life. This last step is optional.


I want a Pinterest worthy, professionally organised pantry – Can you do this?
Sure, we love pantry organisation. This sort of project can take two visits, one to sort cull and measure and the next to bring in the pantry containers, baskets, labels and make it look beautiful. If you want this done in one visit – no stress, we can pre-shop for you so long as we have the correct measurements.

Do you provide the pantry, wardrobe and garage organisation products?
Some of our clients want to use their own storage, others want us to shop for them – we understand that budget affects your decisions and are happy to work within those confines. But if that’s what you want – we can provide all of your pantry organising baskets and labels, wardrobe organising stock and storage boxes.

Do you organise kids’ play rooms?
Kids playrooms? No problem. Our owner actually has a background in Montessori education and can create systems especially created for children to manage themselves.

What about laundry organising services?
Again, LOVE IT! We know that laundry is one of the most overwhelming aspects of family life – we can help you cull, sort, style and create systems that work for you. We believe life should be simple – so our systems are just that.

Do you remove donations?
Yep – anything you would like to part with that is in good condition, we will remove and donate as needed. We have contacts at animal rescues, charities, women’s refuges and schools. We know your things have value and if you’re ready to part with them, we will help make that happen.

What professional organising methods do you use?
A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Marie Condo, The Home Edit, Minimalism – we are versed in all of them but firmly believe in creating a system that’s unique to our clients. Many people who reach out for professional organising services are not naturally organised people. So, initiating a system that was created by naturally organised people doesn’t make sense. We prefer to use hacks and shortcuts that cut through the mayhem of family life.

What does professional organising cost?
You can check out our packages that start at $80p/h for clients within 30mins drive from Umina Beach – there’s a small, extra fee for those out of the area.

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Professional Organiser Australia
Professional Organiser Australia
Central Coast Professional Organiser
Professional Organiser Australia
Central Coast Professional Organiser

Get in touch for a discreet, not judgemental and flexible professional organising service that’s based here on the NSW Central Coast.

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