Professional organiser
how to organise pantry


How long will my job take?

Sometimes jobs can be super straight forward, sometimes they can be more complex. How long your job takes is dependent on a range of factors, from level of clutter to how involved you want to be in the process.

Finding Organisation’s professional organisers will do our best to deliver your vision as quickly as possible. But if you purchase a 4 hour package and we are done in three, we can use that time to create custom labels, you can use it on another area of the home or let it roll over to a future job.

How does sourcing products work?

Generally, we will try to get out to your space for a free consultation before we buy the products. Some of our clients want to use their own storage, others want us to shop for them – we understand that budget affects your decisions are happy to work within those confines. But if that’s what you want – we can provide all of your pantry organising baskets and labels, wardrobe organising stock and storage boxes. Shopping time is charged to your package but it rarely takes more than an hour.

I just want a small pantry organised, can you do that?

Sure, we can help you turn any space into something that serves you better. Don’t worry about all the big fancy houses you see on Instagram, small spaces need professional organisers even more than big ones!

How can I make the best use of my package?

We are all about efficiency! One great way is to provide us with a budget to get your shopping done before we arrive. Another is to start thinking about your goals for the space. And if you really want to get a head start – consider decluttering some things you know you’re ready to part with. Expired food, donations etc. We can remove them when we come to organise.

What if it’s a massive job?

Usually, it’s just one organiser in your space at a time, but if you have a big job or you’re in a rush – we can come as a team. The second organiser will be charged at the same rate, so book an eight hour package and we will get it done in four.